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Welcome To The Mind Of Alfred Gistarb III.


Black sitcoms

im claiming the small victory that i can name them all~!

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I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.

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South African Photographer Bob Gosani  

Bob Gosani was born in 1934 in Johannesburg. In 1952, he began his career in photojournalism as a darkroom assistant for Jürgen Schadeberg at Drum Magazine where he continued to work throughout his career. His work became widely recognised within South Africa.

Some of his pictures have become iconic images of the 1950’s in South Africa. Some of his most famous sequence of pictures include Nelson Mandela sparring with his boxing club’s star boxer of the time, Jerry Moloi, and the humiliating and degrading Tauza dance that naked prisoners were forced to perform in the courtyard of the notorious Johannesburg prison, The Fort, in Hillbrow. As a result of many of his pictures being published in Drum, he was able to contribute significantly to raising awareness as well as fighting the injustices of the Apartheid government.

In 1957 he was in a serious car accident and lost a lung, after which he took on freelance photographic work. Bob Gosani died in August 1972. (via Bailey Seippel Gallery

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This only cost me $20. I love Denver.

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Jhené Aiko for GQ Magazine


Jhené Aiko for GQ Magazine

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We’re only a day away…


We’re only a day away…

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